Author: Michel Alberganti
Editor: Actes Sud
Publishing: Mars 2007

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RFID and democracy
News of the generalized monitoring of the citizens

The book

Will the multiplication of technologies of monitoring, analysis of the behavior and stimulation of consumption upset our everyday life during next years? It is with this question that the book: "Under the chips eyes -RFID and democracy" published by Southern Actes try to answer.
The book presents a new technology, the radio frequency identification, or RFID, which starts to develop in France on a large scale in a general indifference. Who knows that Navigo of the RATP or Liber-T allowing the passage without stop the toll of the motorways use already the RFID? The companies of transport identify each user since it uses these very practical systems.

Tomorrow, each manufactured good will be equipped with a RFID chips. They will communicate by radio with computers which will be able to analyze displacements of each consumer. The police force will have an additional means of monitoring of the population. Which society will generate such a generalization of systems of espionage of the private life? What will remain of personal freedoms ? Is the spectrum of Big Brother re-appearing in the form of Small Brothers?


This site

This site presents the contents of the book "Under the chips eyes - RFID and democracy" but also to go further about its matter. The problem arising from the extension of citizens monitoring is indeed in full topicality. Every day, new applications appear and come to enrich the debate on the personal freedoms.
Beyond the thesis exposed in the essay, this site brings information on the RFID and it proposes to follow news about Small Brothers, to mention sites which speak about it and to collect reactions and testimonys.

The essay analyzes the context in which the RFID appears, banal technology seemingly. It tries to be projected in the society which could be concretized from within a few years by using at the same time journalistic investigation and two short fictions. Thanks to them, the reader immerses himself more easily in this close future full of interrogations. The book wants to stimulate a reflexion on democratic stakes of which it is essential and urgent to discuss tod.

© Michel Alberganti - Actes Sud - 2007